Zone Co-ordinators

Stanley Beaton, Northeast Zone

Stanley Beaton is a retired 33-year veteran Fire Fighter with the Mabou and District Volunteer Fire Department where he served 6 years as Fire Chief.  He has been a member of the FSANS CISM team since 1997. He is the Zone Co-ordinator for the North-East zone and has served on the executive committee since 2021 as Secretary.

Scott Penner, Central Zone

Scott Penner joined our CISM team over 15 years ago and is coordinator of our central zone.  He is a part of the Onslow/Belmont Fire Brigade serving as chaplain. He also is a member of the Nova Scotia First Responder steering committee with Worksafe Nova Scotia.   Scott brings his people-experience as a pastor, his fire-experience as chaplain, and his educational-experience (Master's Degree in counseling) to his role on the CISM team.  He often can be heard saying, "It is an honor being invited into people's trauma, helping strong people remain strong and active in our communities.  We need them."  

Scott is happily married to Jeanette.  They are enjoying this season of life with 4 children, 3 daughters-in-law and 9 grandchildren.

Mary MacNeil, Central Zone

Mary has been a member of the CISM Team for 15 years and is a compassionate professional with a strong background in providing empathic support to individuals facing mental health challenges.  

Mary Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree and Master of Education (Counselling) from Acadia University and has extensive training in Family and Individual Counselling, Grief Counselling, and Palliative Care. She has spent many years overseas and across Canada working with diverse groups of children and adults in need of support and has also worked extensively with community organizations to ensure comprehensive care.

Eric Poll, Valley Zone

Eric Poll has served with the Wolfville Fire Department since 2001. Having served as a frontline firefighter and officer, he now enjoys his role as a Driver/Operator. Eric is also a paramedic and a pastor and has a passion for supporting First Responders as they serve their neighbours.

Eric joined the CISM team in 2022 and took on the Zone Coordinator role as a co-coordinator in 2024.

Wendy Rafuse, South Shore

Wendy Rafuse is the current chairperson of the FSANS CISM team. She is a retired nurse with over 30 years crisis intervention experience working with all classifications of first responders. She is a certified CISM instructor with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) training many first responders throughout NS. She led the establishment of a CISM team for Bridgewater Police Services and a few other municipal forces have utilized the guidelines / policies she established for Bridgewater police. Wendy has been involved with her local fire department in Chester Basin since its inception in 1982 having served as their longest secretary from 1995 until 2017. She is currently serving her 4th term as a Commissioner for the Fire Protection Commission for Chester Basin.